Plotting an ROI on top of a statistical map on the surface in nilearn

Hi all,
I’ve been using Nilearn plotting.plot_surf_stat_map to plot a statistical image on a surface, and then plotting.plot_surf_roi to observe the ROIs, but was wondering if there’s a way to overlay them in a single figure? I would like to have the ROIs overlaid on top of the statistical image in some way.
I’d appreciate any help, thanks!

Hi @mayay, you can use plotting.plot_surf_contours to do this. See this example: Let me know whether or not that works for you.

Thank you! To test it I’m trying to run it with the destrieux_atlas and follow the example in the link (with a different stat_img). I can plot the statistical image on the surface but when I try to run the plotting.plot_surf_contours cell I keep getting this error:
ValueError: Vertices in parcellation do not form region.
I tried different regions from the atlas and also tried left/right hemispheres, but keep getting the same error. Seems like it’s related to this thread (Contours on surface plot, nilearn - #9 by victoris93), but I couldn’t see a solution within nilearn there.
Thanks for any insight!

@mayay Can you share the code that you are running along with the non nilearn data?