Question about FSL PNM slice timing

Dear all,

I hope you are doing well!
I would like to ask a question about creating a custom slice-timing file for PNM.
In the user guide it says the following:

The manually specified slicetiming file needs to be a text file that specifies the timing (in seconds) of every slice relative to the start of the volume acquisition (t=0). The file must have one number per slice and be arranged in one line, separated by spaces, and each number is the timing value for that slice (e.g. third number gives the timing of the third slice, where numbering of slices is consistent with the NIFTI voxel coordinate; i.e. the way that FSLView/FSLeyes shows them).

Let’s say I am creating this slicetiming file and I acquired the 5 slices (slice 1 (at the top),…5 (at the bottom)) starting from the top of the brain with an interleaved order (interleaved down).

Slice Number in FSLeyes      Slice Acquisition Order as in the scanner 

4                                               1
3                                               3
2                                               5
1                                               2
0                                               4

The 1st value that I will put into this file should be the timing value for my for “last acquired” slice which is slice number 4 in my case, is this correct?

Thanks so much!!!