Question: How to download ABIDE preprocessed dataset?

Can someone please share how could I download preprocessed dataset from ABIDE . I have tried the script available on the link mentioned but it has lot of problems.

If somebody has some other links or script that works for the download of ABIDE dataset then please share that with me here?


Hi Nasser_Khan,
I got also a problem when downloading the ABIDE I preprocessed dataset.
I used the “” script to download ABIDE preprocessed, as following, for example for CMU site: python -d func_preproc -p cpac -s filt_global -o /path for data -t CMU
However the resulting files are not for all the subjects in the site and there are several error messages:“Error extracting info from phenotypic file, skipping…”
I tried for other sites also and the number of downloaded files always less than the number of subjects.
I used also the fetch_abide_pcp function in nilearn and I did not get all the subjects for each site.
Can anyone have a script to download all the subjects for each site.
Thank you in advance.