Recon-all checks out if subject is recon-alled

Hi, nipype experts:
I use the from from nipype.interfaces.freesurfer.preprocess import ReconAllinterface to run my T1 images, so I want to know if you have some options to check out if the subjects have been run before(if the result folder exits), because for my dataset, we often have new subjects to come, and I dont wanna destroy the results folder structure or rerun the recon-alled subjects, so do you have any idea to update this???

Any advices will be appreciated, btw, nice to see neurostar coming back!!!

Thanks in advance


there is no check option right now, but you could use the following pattern:

FreeSurferSource --> CustomFunctionNode (ReconAll)


you could simply run a for loop to add nodes to a metaworkflow if the ReconAll output exists and has not errored.

putting a check in may be a nice addition to the ReconAll interface and also to overwrite it as an option.

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Thanks for your reply, Satra, actually, recently I used the script that you created for TRACULA two years ago, and I got some errors, i created a poster here,–parameterization-dir-param-errors-for-tracula-pipeline/97, Can you help me to solve this???

Thanks in advance

Happy christmas

so basically, if i rerun the same subjects for the reconalled subjects, it will give me error, that was what i got, I will write another node to check if the subject is reconalled, if yes, not run this subject, if no, just run this subject:)

thanks for the advice