Report says no errors, but no images, and a crashlog

I am getting no images, but also no errors in the *.html report. The output is also fairly incomplete when comparing to the documentation. I attach my directory structure, and the output from running the fmriprep-docker command, and the crash report. I can’t figure out what the crash report is telling me. Please LMK if anyone can suggest a next step. fmriprep seems like a cool idea, but I wish it would work for my data! :slight_smile:

tree_derivatives.txt (16.9 KB) tree_sub-test01.txt (1.6 KB) crash-20191029-211741-root-fsdir_run_20191029_211646_1298b432_661e_4de7_a55a_20c4c6e411f7-807d9017-c0d1-486c-bf26-1f0d243b2103.txt (5.2 KB) fmripreprun.txt (165.9 KB)