Retinotopy parameters

Hi all,

I am trying to do retinotopy analysis with my pilot data. I have one eccentricity and one polar angle run, lasting 5mins with 8 cycles(40secs per cycle).

First I analysed data with FreeSurfer. While I get good, interpretable results with eccentricity, polar angle almost doesn’t give anything. I also tried mrTools, it is relatively better. Yet, I don’t have adequate results to do delineation.
I am thinking that the number of cycles might not be enough, but my colleague has 18 cycles and it is not any better. Both of us doesn’t have a fixation task since we use eye-tracker. Could attention mess data this bad? We tried different preprocessing pipelines and it almost didn’t change anything :smiley:

I am wondering your parameters that works for you and possibly the ones that didn’t work?

Hoping that it would help me and possibly others in the future. Thanks in advance!