Reviews of Python rsatoolbox

Need to admit I only noticed by accident today:

Python RSA toolbox

Developed through a community effort by the labs of Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Jörn Diedrichsen, Marieke Mur and Ian Charest.

Did anyone used it & can share the experience? Any reviews?

Only used the old version that was Matlab based. That I would recommend.

Have not yet had the time to explore the Python port they did.

Yes, me too. But I tried the python version yesterday, seems much more intuitive in coding and doesn’t impose that much on memory as Matlab (lightweight).

I would really love to have some tutorials/tips here regarding fMRI data input (which format, how should they be organized etc)…

best, michael

True, the demo on rsa-searchlight seems to be the only one dealing with fMRI input. Anyone has ideas on how to organise fmri data input for RSA? The Matlab counterpart seems to load all the volumes first.

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