rfMRI data set contating respiratory and cardiac signals

Hey everybody,

I wonder if there is any healthy control resting state fMRI data set containing respiratory and cardiac signals collected during the rest.
I appreciate it if you could guide me.


Hi @majidsaberi,

I encourage you to look at OpenNeuro.org for public datasets. One such result that might help you is here: OpenNeuro . I imagine there are more that will be relevant to you.


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This is the list of datasets I could find with resting state and physio files in them.

Not sure that they have the physio variables you are looking for though.

DatasetID PortalURI NumMatchingSubjects AvailableImageModalites fmriprep mriqc
ds000030 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds000030 272 [‘anat’, ‘beh’, ‘dwi’, ‘func’] False GitHub - OpenNeuroDerivatives/ds000030-mriqc
ds000113 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds000113 37 [‘anat’, ‘dwi’, ‘fmap’, ‘func’] False False
ds000201 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds000201 86 [‘anat’, ‘beh’, ‘dwi’, ‘fmap’, ‘func’] False https://github.com/OpenNeuroDatasets/ds000201/tree/main/derivatives/mriqc
ds000210 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds000210 31 [‘anat’, ‘func’] False GitHub - OpenNeuroDerivatives/ds000210-mriqc
ds001168 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds001168 22 [‘anat’, ‘fmap’, ‘func’] False False
ds001354 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds001354 28 [‘anat’, ‘func’] False False
ds001553 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds001553 3 [‘anat’, ‘func’] False False
ds001771 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds001771 40 [‘anat’, ‘dwi’, ‘fmap’, ‘func’] False GitHub - OpenNeuroDerivatives/ds001771-mriqc
ds002156 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds002156 1 [‘anat’, ‘fmap’, ‘func’] GitHub - OpenNeuroDerivatives/ds002156-fmriprep GitHub - OpenNeuroDerivatives/ds002156-mriqc
ds002766 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds002766 3 [‘anat’, ‘fmap’, ‘func’] False False
ds002785 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds002785 216 [‘anat’, ‘dwi’, ‘func’] https://github.com/OpenNeuroDatasets/ds002785/tree/main/derivatives/fmriprep GitHub - OpenNeuroDerivatives/ds002785-mriqc
ds002790 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds002790 226 [‘anat’, ‘dwi’, ‘fmap’, ‘func’] https://github.com/OpenNeuroDatasets/ds002790/tree/main/derivatives/fmriprep GitHub - OpenNeuroDerivatives/ds002790-mriqc
ds003357 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds003357 32 [‘anat’, ‘func’] False GitHub - OpenNeuroDerivatives/ds003357-mriqc
ds003452 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds003452 13 [‘anat’, ‘fmap’, ‘func’] https://github.com/OpenNeuroDatasets/ds003452/tree/main/derivatives/fmriprep-1.3.2 False
ds003592 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds003592: OpenNeuro dataset available at https://openneuro.org/datasets/ds003592 301 [‘anat’, ‘func’] False False
ds003798 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds003798: OpenNeuro dataset available at https://openneuro.org/datasets/ds003798 117 [‘anat’, ‘fmap’, ‘func’] https://github.com/OpenNeuroDatasets/ds003798/tree/main/derivatives/fmriprep https://github.com/OpenNeuroDatasets/ds003798/tree/main/derivatives/mriqc
ds003823 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds003823: OpenNeuro dataset available at https://openneuro.org/datasets/ds003823 193 [‘anat’, ‘beh’, ‘func’, ‘perf’] False https://github.com/OpenNeuroDatasets/ds003823/tree/main/derivatives/mriqc
ds003831 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds003831: OpenNeuro dataset available at https://openneuro.org/datasets/ds003831 74 [‘anat’, ‘func’] False GitHub - OpenNeuroDerivatives/ds003831-mriqc
ds004192 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds004192: OpenNeuro dataset available at https://openneuro.org/datasets/ds004192 3 [‘anat’, ‘fmap’, ‘func’] False False
ds004213 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds004213: OpenNeuro dataset available at https://openneuro.org/datasets/ds004213 5 [‘anat’, ‘func’] False False
ds004627 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds004627: OpenNeuro dataset - Characterization and Treatment of Adolescent Depression (CAT-D) 130 [‘anat’, ‘fmap’, ‘func’] False False
ds004636 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds004636: OpenNeuro dataset - Cognitive tasks, anatomical MRI, and functional MRI data evaluating the construct of self-regulation 110 [‘anat’, ‘fmap’, ‘func’] False https://github.com/OpenNeuroDatasets/ds004636/tree/main/derivatives/mriqc
ds004645 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds004645: OpenNeuro dataset - Resting-state fMRI signals contain spectral signatures of local hemodynamic response timing 15 [‘anat’, ‘func’] False False
ds004787 GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds004787: OpenNeuro dataset - NIMH METeR (Multi-Echo Test-Retest) 5 [‘anat’, ‘fmap’, ‘func’] False False