RSA step-by-step guide

Hi all, I’ve been trying to find a step-by-step guide for working with Representation Similarity Analysis on fmri data but I haven’t been able to find one. Either it’s still not fully documented yet (as with pyrsa), or the tutorials do not match well with the given dataset (DartBrains tutorial). Any suggestions on that?

Thank you for the help!

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Hey, This is sadly, a common problem. Depends which toolbox you’re using to do it, there’s a lot of DIY work involved in figuring out step-by-step. I work with MVPA methods (RSA included) for 2.5 years now and there’s little help available online. The rsa-toolbox (by Kriegeskorte) had demos included, this it is easier to figure out with ‘one step at at time’ approach. I’m not an expert but happy to help if needed.