Siemens Syngo XA30 upgrade


As many other 3T Siemens sites, our center will soon transition from VE11C to XA30. We were wondering if some of you who have already transitioned could share their experience, in order to plan ahead possible roadblocks. Things like:

  • Conversion to BIDS,
  • Adverse effects of the enhanced DICOM format (in light of this comment on dcm2niix)
  • Possible incompatibilities with popular neuroimaging tools (FSL, SPM, AFNI, fMRIprep, FreeSurfer, etc.)
  • Any noticeable change on the product sequence? (eg: some features being greyed out)
  • Other?

Many thanks!

@jcohenadad I am the author of the notes you refer to. The original XA10/11 images were problematic. However, Siemens engineers engaged users like me during the development of XA20. The basic XA advice still stands: users should be encouraged to export data from the console using unanonymized enhanced data - never select mosaics.

Our system is still VE11, so I have limited experience with XA30. Most of my communication with XA30 has been with sites that are unable to share data. I would suggest that when your scanner is upgraded you acquire exemplar data of all your sequences to check the conversion. I suspect that standard T1, T2, T2* (fMRI/resting state) and DWI sequences should convert fine. I have not seen ASL data from XA30, and I doubt dcm2niix will be able to extract BEP005 parameters.

If any XA30 center is interested in acquiring a validation dataset that could be publicly shared, I think that would be a really asset to the community. This would allow regression testing, similar to the other dcm_qa datasets. I would be happy to help a site set up such a repository.

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Thank you for sharing your insights @Chris_Rorden. Our upgrade is not before a few months, but I will be happy to share datasets and report any conversion/practical issues in relation to this upgrade.