Slice timing in diffussion

We would like to be able to get the time slices information for a batch of GE’s diffusions data in dicom format, which we didn’t get through dcm2niix, is there anything we can do about the slight?

When using dcm2niix you should always ensure you are using the latest stable release (currently v1.0.20230411) as DICOM, manufacturers implementations, BIDS and our understanding of these features are all evolving.

You can find out about GE slice timing in the dcm2niix notes. The GE slice timing validation datasets are included with dcm_qa_ge.

To supplement @neurolabusc’s explanation,
In case slice timing information can’t be generated such as data collected with gradient cycling mode for thermal management, dcm2niix will generate the following warning message:

“Warning: Unable to compute slice times for GE Diffusion:Cycling”

SliceTiming for GE Diffusion is described (issue #635).

Thank you for the explanation. We used the latest version (“v1.0.20230411”), diffusion data collected on premier with an MB(HB) factor of 3. @neurolabusc @mr-jaemin

You can check this entity from the JSON file:
“DiffGradientCyclingGE”: “ALLTR”,

If “ALLTR”, SliceTiming can’t be described so dcm2niix will not write the SliceTiming

Yes, DiffGradientCyclingGE is ALLTR, what do you think should be done (change CV ?) to get SliceTiming?