Study Group for Network Neuroscience

Hello everyone:)
We are a group of Neuromatch students that are trying to arrange a study group to review the literature of network neuroscience. We want to see what is the usage of graph theory in brain network analysis and what are the basic concepts of the field.
We have created a google group and at the point, we are arranging the references.
If you are interested or have experience in the field you can join us.
We will be happy to see you in the group.
group link:


Hi! This is a great idea! How can we contribute and join?

Very great that you are interested to be in:)
you can join by the link I’ve provided before or sending me your email so I can add you to the group.
This is my email address:

hi, I’m interested,

Hi All, thank you for organizing. I’m interested as well, email:

Invitations have been sent.

Yes, I too am interested. I have done my doctoral thesis graph labeling concepts.

My email id is

That’s great!
Your invitation has been sent.

Hi, I am interested. My email Id is

I’m interested

That’s very great! I’ve sent the invitations for you so you can join the group.

Hi, I am interested too. My email: Thank you!

That’s very great. Just sent you the invitation.

Hello, I’m interested


I’m interested


Hello, I would like to join!


Dear all,
That’s very great! I’ve just sent you invitations.
Wish to see you all in the group.

Thank you for this, I would also like to join if possible.
My email address is