Talairach-MNI conversion results in a coordinate outside of the brain

Hello all,
I am trying to do a ROI masking based on a coordinate that was found in a previous study. My problem is that this coordinate is specified in a Talairach space, and when I convert it to MNI space (using online calculators, e.g., BioImage Suite MNI<->TAL and Seed-based d Mapping (formerly Signed Differential Mapping) - Coordinates utilities), the result coordinate is outside of the brain.

Does anyone have an idea:
a) how can it be?
b) How can I still use this paper to extract my ROI?

Thank you very much,

What are the coordinates?

Which brain region do you expect them to be in?

Which paper did they come from?

2 65 20
I expect it to be in the dmPFC/frontal pole
It is taken from table 2 in this paper: Previous Institutionalization Is Followed by Broader Amygdala-Hippocampal-PFC Network Connectivity during Aversive Learning in Human Development - PubMed
Thank you very much!

Yeah, somethings wrong with their coordinates.
Cited by 47 other articles too, which is a shame.

Notice these two are the same:

This one is outside the brain too: