Tim Trio AutoAlign on version syngo MRB17

Dear all,

We are interested in utilizing AutoAlign for our MAGNETOM Trio A Tim System 3T device. The software version of the scanner is syngo MRB17.

We asked our Siemens application specialist whether AutoAlign is available on this version. However, he said it is not. He claimed that AutoAlign is available on software version D. I am skeptical of this statement as the Siemens website claims that both our scanner and our software version matches. And I have other reasons stemming from our previous experience to have doubt on the truthfulness of this statement.

Is there anyone out there who uses AutoAlign on this specific scanner and software version?

Sorry for bumping this. Does anyone know?

Siemens web page notes the minimum software version for AutoAlign LS is B17 (or C13 for Chinese users)

Below is a screenshot from a Siemens B17 PDF set up in 2013 when we had B17. You can see the option for autoalign. Due to our clinical population, we did not use AutoAlign often with B17, but it was available. You need to acquire the AutoAlign scout survey images to use this for subsequent sequences.

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Thank you so much! Now that I know it definitely should be there (because I confirmed that it should be available from two different sources), I will show this to the specialist and ask him why it’s not available for us.

I suspect you will need to purchase the AutoAlign product license. Typically you can ask to demo a license for 30 days.