Unable to identify UK Biobank tfMRI's task information

Dear all,

I am working with task fmri from UK Biobank.
However, I am having a hard time identifying the file containing the task’s information (duration/onset/trial type ect), which I would like to have to create the “event.tsv” file.
I’ve read that the task was the Hariri’s faces and shapes emotion task, detailed in HCP’s paper but a little shortened. However I cannot seem to find the precise details.

The documentation says at some point that “The timings of the blocks of the two task
conditions (shapes and faces) are defined in text files custom_timing_files/ev1.txt and custom_timing_files/ev2.txt”. This might be what I am looking for, however, I have not found these files in any of the subjects that I’ve downloaded.

Would you happen to know where I can find the informations I am looking for ?

Have a good day,



Hey all,

I actually have found the answer here: JISCMail - UKB-NEUROIMAGING Archives

As detailled, since the process is always the same, the custom timing files were not put in the NIFTI’s tfmri bulk file (nor in the DICOM’s) and were put here: bb_data · master · Fidel Alfaro Almagro / UK_biobank_pipeline_v_1 · GitLab under the names “designF.txt” and designS.txt"

Have a good day