Using fmriprep proccessed data for PLS analyses

Does anyone have thoughts about using data that has been preprocessed with fMRIPREP (with ICA Aroma, field map free distortion correction, or other typical options) in Partial Least Squares (PLS) analyses?

Is that appropriate? On the one hand, I’ve read that the data is preprocessed like for any other analyses. On the other hand, I’ve heard about temporal filtering (I think?) and smoothing parameters needing to be particular. This needs to be confirmed (as well as the other steps).

FMRIPREP does not perform any smoothing and (with exception of the _variant-smoothAROMAnonaggr_preproc.nii.gz) does not perform any temporal filtering. You can use the _confounds.tsv output to construct a temporal denoising strategy most appropriate for your analysis.

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That’s great! Thank you. Another reason to love fmriprep.

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