Using HCP parcellation with fmriprep output

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to use the output of fmriprep with the Glasser parcellation?

I’ve tried using the --cifti-output option to generate a dense cifti file and then attempted to downsample this into the Glasser parcellation (Q1-Q6_RelatedParcellation210.CorticalAreas_dil_Final_Final_Areas_Group_Colors.32k_fs_LR.dlabel.nii) using ‘wb_command -cifti-parcellate’. However I get the following error:

ERROR: mismatch in number of surface vertices between input and dlabel for structure CORTEX_LEFT

This seems odd as I would assume that those using the CIFTI file format are likely going to use HCP-style parcellation.

Although it is likely it is a rookie error on my part. In fmriprep I’m using fsaverage 5, template and T1native space options. I wonder if I should be resampling the data (to 1mm or 2mm?) to use this parcellation.

Any advice appreciated.

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Hi Marv,
I haven’t done this yet but it looks like Ciftify might fit the bill:
Has anyone else had luck with this? I’m planning on trying to move some fmriprep processed data into HCP format/space soon.

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