What artifacts/noise is on fmri series?

What is a type of artifacts/noise on this fmri series? It seems like signal dropout on fmri? Fmriprep breaks on fmri/anat coregestration for this series.

photo_2019-04-04_13-12-48 photo_2019-04-04_13-12-54

I haven’t seen that artifact before. The leakage across the IS direction suggests this is a multiband sequence, is that right?

Regarding the coregistration to anatomical, I’d be curious to see the resulting BOLD reference calculated by fMRIPrep. But, assuming the artifact does not alter it substantially (e.g. the artifact spikes at a given point in time in the middle of the time series), I’d say the mayor challenge here is that round cyst or black area in the right hemisphere. How FreeSurfer did about that?

Hi @Relyativist, any news about this issue?

Hi @oesteban,

It seems that itksnap doesn’t merge slices in a proper way for Siemens interleaved series. I tried to used fsleyes and freeview, and they made I properly. So it’s not an artifact/noise.