Where to find motion corrected intermediate results for multi-echo data from fmriprep

We are trying to find the intermediate result by fmriprep for multi-echo data but by far we have no luck. The end result is the combined data. But we are interested in the data after all preprocessing just before the combination step. Does anyone have suggestion for the location and file name we should look for?


The tedana developers had a similar issue and we plan on working on this a bit at an upcoming hackathon, but perhaps I can help you out now. What version of fMRIPrep are you using?

Thank you! We are using 1.3.1

It looks to me like the place to grab your files from is bold_bold_trans_wf, since the outputs from that go into a skullstrip workflow and then the T2* calculation workflow.

That also seems to fit with this notebook, which I admittedly last worked on 7 months ago. You could try adapting the code there for your own working directory.

Thanks a lot! We will look for those files.