Within single group MRI analysis suggestions

Dear experts,

I am a beginner in MRI analysis, and I am sorry for my weird inquiry. I know that my question is very general, but I posting here to get some enlightening.

My inquiry is about getting some suggestions or papers that may help me to get some ideas.

I have MRI data (e.g., Task, resting state, DTI, T1) for some subjects who performed simple fMRI task that has two conditions and doesn’t has performance scores. By the way, I just got those data, and I don’t have any hypothesis to be checked.

my question is:
what kind of statistical analysis can be performed on this single group?
Or in other words, what kind of results can be achieved from a single group?


Dear Alat,
My best advice at this point is to figure out why the data were acquired in the first place. Is this an attempt to capture some inter-individual differences (diseases, behavior, genetic) ? Are there some other populations you would like to compare them to ? Was a functional hypothesis framed when acquiring the fMRI data ?
Data alone without external variables do not carry information: the SNR is low, and you will have a hard time finding anything relevant.

If you know nothing about the data, better do something else than spending time on them. Please avoid pinpointing some random feature of the data. This will not be interesting for you, nor for the community.
My 2c,


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Thanks for your advice