Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone!

My name is Ellyn, and I am currently getting a PhD in Clinical Psychology and an MS in Statistics at Northwestern with Professor Robin Nusslock. Previously, I worked as a data analyst at the University of Pennsylvania’s Brain Behavior Laboratory. Expect to see me on here asking a lot of questions about nipype/fmriprep. Lot’s of data to process!


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Hi :wave:, nice to meet you all. I am Li Xue :smiley:
I am a PhD student from Southeast University in China, and now I work as a honorary research assistant in GOS-ICH of University College London.
My work focuses on diffusion MRI and its application on neuroscience :brain:. My previous research is mainly about brain tumour, and precision medicine of depression.
I am excited to share my ideas and look forward to learning novel methods in this community!

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Hi everyone,

I’m Majid. I completed a Ph.D. in neuroscience focused on brain networks at SBU Iran. Now, I’ve joined the University of Toronto, Dr. Moayedi’s Pain lab, as a postdoctoral fellow to investigate connectivity profiles of pain as a postdoctoral fellow. So I am involved in univariate and multivariate analyses of functional images and I am happy to join you to learn more.


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Hi i’m Sebastian Arenas Gonzalez a Biomedical engineer student from the University of Valparaiso, Chile. Currently, i’m working on tractography and stadistical analisys with FSL and TBSS.
i wish someone could help me with some troubles that i been having with randomise, may i ask it in this part?

Hi folks!

I’m Onerva Korhonen, working as a post doc at Aalto University, Finland (just returned to Finland after ~2.5 years at CTB, UPM, Madrid, Spain). I’m a network neuroscientists with background in physics/computational science. My main research interest is construction of (functional) brain networks, including questions like: how preprocessing affects the observed network structure? how to define network nodes (and links)? how to build models for network dynamics? I mostly work with fMRI data, although I have also some temporally distant experience on MEG/EEG.

At the moment, I’m trying to slowly transit from an in-house preprocessing pipeline towards fMRIPrep. All tips are highly appreciated!

(I like all kind of networks, not only the brainly ones. Currently, I apply network tools also to study climate policy networks.)