Welcome to Neurostars: how to use this site

Welcome to the Neurostars

This post should help get you started with this site!

What’s this place for?

Neurostars is a question and answer forum where neuroscience researchers, infrastructure providers, and software developers can interact, hosted by INCF.

If you’re new here, say hello and introduce yourself here!

What topics should we discuss?

Talk about anything neuroscience-related on this site from general neuroscience to computational neuroscience and data management to software development.

Here are a few topics you might want to discuss or ask questions about to help you get started:

  • Discussions, questions and answers related general neuroscience, neuroinformatics, and computational neuroscience
  • Questions about various standards and best practices, such as BIDS,
  • Questions and discussions about Neuroscience related data repositories.
  • Discussion about different analyses packages and pipelines
  • Sharing success stories and wisdom about all of the above!
  • Discussion and questions about INCF assembly
  • Questions about INCF products such as TrainingSpace, KnowledgeSpace and Neurobot.

How to get heard among >8k users

Keep in mind that this forum is huge already and growing quickly. Please tag your posts with one or a few relevant tags for better findability, depending on the question: tool name (“I have a problem with #fmriprep”), programming language (“Does someone know how to do X in #python”), field (“I have a question for you others in #neuroimaging”) etc.

Leave your feedback!

If you have any thoughts or ideas, we’d love to hear it! You can either open a topic in the Site Feedback Category or reach out on one of the other channels of communication


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Hi Everyone, I am Jagyanseni Naik. I am a master’s student in zoology from Gangadhar Meher University,India. I Have a keen interest in Neuroscience and want to do PhD on Neuroscience as I have done one of my project in Neurodegenerative disorders i.e Parkinson’s disease. Could please suggest me something so that I can get PhD since I have been trying so long. It would be great to be a part of Neuromatch. I am glad that I joined this group. There are so many accomplished people here.

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