Page for 'multi-echo' tag not appearing

Neurostars has a ‘multi-echo’ tag. If I click on the tag to see all questions with the tag (i.e. what should go to ) I get a 404 page does not exist. I’ve checked a few other tags with hyphens and they all seem to work fine. FWIW, there is a less used ‘multiecho’ tag, but it would be nice to keep directing people to the tag where more questions have been asked as answered.

Also, if the page for ‘multi-echo’ can get generated, would it be possible to change all ‘multiecho’ tags to ‘multi-echo’ so that everything is together?

Thank you


It seems like this is still a problem.


Maybe @PradeepGeorge could help, here ?

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I will check on it, seems to be a problem. For the time being you could use the search link to access the topics related to these tags or


Great, thank you for looking into it !

It looks like there is now a functioning multi-echo tag. Thank you!
It’s only showing posts that appeared after the tag was fixed. Older posts show the ‘multi-echo’ tag, but don’t appear at
I assuming removing and re-adding the ‘multi-echo’ tag to all these posts will fix this issue, but I don’t think I have the authority to do this. If I make a list of all posts that need the tag fixed, is there someone with the authority who is willing re-tag all those posts?



@PradeepGeorge any follow-up on Dan’s question above? We unfortunately don’t have the admin permissions to add the tags for historical posts. I can create a list for you if you like.

@jbteves Thanks for the follow-up. I have re-added the tag in some of the posts. It would really help if you could provide the list.

Tag with tedana:

Tag with multi-echo:

@jbteves Thanks. It’s all fixed now.


Thank you @PradeepGeorge!